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Advantages of Digital Laser Projector

Advantages of Digital Laser Projector
Digital laser projectors are widely used in education, engineering and household markets: laser ultra-short focus educational projectors have won successive awards in educational tenders, and major art exhibitions and museums frequently create beautiful immersion exhibitions with the help of laser engineering projectors, and laser TV advertisements appear in the World Cup arena... Its advantages are remarkable.

Advantage 1: Long life and low cost of light source

The digital laser projector has a long lifetime, and the lifetime of the light source can reach 20,000 hours. The service life of traditional projector bulb is more than 5000 hours. Once the bulb reaches its service life, there are two choices. One is to replace the projector, and the other is to replace the built-in bulb. Both of them cost considerable manpower and material resources. The laser projector has four top units, which greatly reduces the frequency of change. In terms of long-term cost, the laser projector is worth the price.

Advantage 2: Slow attenuation of light source, saving budget

While the lifetime of the light source is too long, the attenuation of the light source of the digital laser projector is also slower. Projector will face the problem of light source attenuation after long-term use. In short, the aging of light source will lead to the decrease of brightness and dim color of the picture. It is necessary to replace the light source so that the projection picture "returns to youth". The low attenuation characteristics of laser light source make enterprise users avoid the trouble of replacing light source, and also save a lot of material consumption and maintenance costs.

Advantage 3: IP5X high dust-proof, less maintenance

In addition to saving the budget for users, digital laser projector is also fully considered for users in saving time, so as to achieve meticulous dust-proof from inside to outside. High-dust control can reduce the impact of dust on projection effect, reduce maintenance times, reduce maintenance costs, save time, money and worry for users. It is the best choice for enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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