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Advantages of DLP Laser Projector

Advantages of DLP Laser Projector
Today, with high efficiency and fast rhythm, the projector has become an indispensable necessity for many units to work. Especially the ultra-portable projector, it is deeply loved by mobile users. At present, there are mainly two kinds of ultra-portable projectors: LCD LCD projector and DLP digital projector. In just a few years, laser DLP projector 1080p has been widely recognized in the market for its clearer, more detailed, brighter and more realistic image display effect. In comparison, laser DLP projector 1080p has more advantages than LCD LCD projector, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Uniform picture and noise elimination

Because laser DLP projector 1080p uses digital technology, this technology can directly capture relevant digital signals, and the input signal of the projector can directly modulate and generate images without digital-analog conversion, so the attenuation amplitude of projection signal will naturally decrease after the reduction of the intermediate processing link of the signal. Small noise even eliminates noise.

2. The picture effect is more realistic

Each pixel of the image projected by laser DLP projector 1080p corresponds to a tiny mirror on the DMD digital micromirror device. The fine mirrors are closely arranged in square arrays, and the distance between them is less than 1 micron. This compact array of tiny mirrors enables those computer images to be projected onto the display screen with vivid colors.

3. Clear picture and sharp color

Clear picture and sharp color are other features of laser DLP projector 1080p. The DMD digital micromirror in laser DLP projector 1080p is composed of nearly 500,000 micro-mirrors. The spacing between the micromirrors constituting DLP image pixels is very small, and the distance between adjacent lenses is less than 1 micron, which makes the DLP projection system and the LCD transmission projection system more efficient than the imaging principle.

4. Brighter projection

Now more and more public places have the need to use projectors. So the projectors working in this situation must be able to project very bright pictures in the day or night. Based on this requirement, laser DLP projector 1080p uses more than 500,000 tiny lenses to reflect images. 90% of the light in each lens is directly reflected and projected onto the display screen. More importantly, the brightness of the projector based on DLP technology increases with the increase of the resolution of the input image. As a result, users can enjoy it both in the daytime and at night. By laser DLP projector 1080p to bring us a bright projection effect.

5. The smaller size and lighter weight

Because laser DLP projector 1080p abandons the complex and bulky optical imaging devices in traditional projectors. Instead, a DMD chip with a width of only 16 microns is replaced. Several micro-mirrors are arranged tightly on each chip for optical reflection, and the distance between each micro-mirror is less than 1 micron. Moreover, the DLP projector uses DLP digital technology for optical imaging. Principle. This principle can directly digitalize the image without any intermediate processing links like traditional projectors. Thus laser DLP projector 1080p can naturally reduce the volume and weight of the camera.

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