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Advantages of LED Projector

Advantages of LED Projector
The advantages of LED projector  are as follows:
First of all, the application of LED light source can open up a new way for the miniaturization of projector body. Due to the small size of LED light source, it is very suitable for developing smaller projector components, making the projection products more portable. Moreover, LED is the real cold light source. It will not generate a lot of heat like the traditional bulb in the working process, which is very conducive to the heat dissipation of projection products and easier to control noise; LED light source has a long life, which means that the projector no longer needs to replace the bulb as frequently as before, reducing the later use cost.

In addition, color range is also an important performance index of projector. We know that the projector of traditional light source, especially DLP, needs color wheel for color separation due to its limited spectral range of light source, and the speed of color wheel has a great influence on color performance; LCD products do not need color wheel for color separation, and the color performance is much better than DLP, but it is still unsatisfactory. According to the data provided by the authority, the color gamut range of projector products with traditional light source is only about 65% of NTSC, and there are many color defects.

The appearance of LED light source can solve this problem well, and white LED and RGB primary color light source are also very suitable for projector. Among them, the RGB tricolor LED light source has a very high solid color, and the three colors of the luminescent body turn to light according to the time sequence, and its color gamut range can easily reach more than 100%. Therefore, the application of LED light source can make the color restoration effect of projector more outstanding.

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