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Analysis of LED Light Source Technology

Analysis of LED Light Source Technology
LED, also known as "light emitting diode", is the abbreviation of English Light Emitting Diode. This kind of electronic component has been used in the field of display and lighting for a long time.

The main body of the LED is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material. If a forward voltage is applied to both ends of the LED, current will flow from the anode to the cathode of the LED, and the semiconductor crystal will emit different colors of light from ultraviolet to infrared. Strong. Because its light-emitting principle is different from traditional UHE and UHP light sources, LED light sources have a long service life, with a theoretical life of up to 50,000 hours, and less heat and low power consumption during the light-emitting process, which meets the requirements of today's society for energy saving and environmental protection.

As a new light source for projectors, LED light sources can be divided into RGB LEDs and white LEDs, among which RGB LEDs are also called tri-color LEDs. The image colors are processed through the three primary colors of red, green and blue. Perfectly replace the color wheel and projection bulb in DLP projectors; white LEDs simplify the structure of the optical engine compared to RGB LEDs, built-in color filters on a miniature display chip to achieve various colors, with low cost, Easy mass production and other characteristics.
If the application of LED light source will change this traditional architecture, RGB LED chipset and driving elements can replace the color wheel and projection bulb in DLP (single-chip) projector, and the reaction speed of LED is about 20 times that of traditional color wheel, Not only improves the accuracy of color reproduction, but also can completely eliminate the "rainbow" phenomenon. At the same time, because there is no high heat problem of the projection bulb, the LED projector can be turned on and off just like ordinary household appliances, without preheating and cooling.

Although white LEDs are advantageous in terms of cost, the color performance is still significantly different from that of LED projectors using three-color LED light sources. However, in terms of products, the miniature projectors developed with LCOS technology and white LEDs have the advantages of low cost, easy mass production, and high brightness. Therefore, they are more likely to cut into the low-end market and take the lead in popularization.
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