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Application Range of 3D Holographic Projection Technology

Application Range of 3D Holographic Projection Technology
The continuous innovation and progress of technology have also made holographic projection technology increasingly mature. Unlike traditional flat display, it can display the product image vividly and three-dimensionally, and the 3D effect is also real, bringing a new visual experience to people Modern trendy fashion technology is sought after by people.

3D holographic projection technology can also be divided into 360-degree holographic projection technology, 270-degree holographic projection technology, and 180-degree holographic projection technology. There are subtle differences between them, and the scope of application is also different.

The 360-degree holographic projection technology enables the stereoscopic images to be directly suspended in the free space outside the device without using any screen or medium, and it is displayed in three-dimensional images no matter from which angle it is viewed. Through the recorded video, you can display the colorful, three-dimensional and vivid exhibit information. It is suitable for displaying large, complex or expensive objects, such as cars, large forklifts, watches, and jewelry.

The 70-degree holographic projection technology is suitable for expressing details or items with rich internal structure, such as famous watches, famous cars, industrial products, characters, cartoon images, or precious cultural relics, precious items, etc. Various exhibition halls, press conferences, fairs, department stores, jewelry stores, watch stores, museums, science and technology museums, etc.

The 180-degree holographic projection technology records and restores real images of people or objects through professional technology, and virtually reproduces the recorded images on the holographic imaging film, resulting in vivid and vivid images. It is suitable for the display of characters, objects or logos in the form of digital content in science and technology museums, exhibition halls, theme parks, cultural centers, and iconic buildings. It is suitable for image reproduction and image display of large venues.

With the rapid development of the economy, 3D holographic projection technology will also be gradually popularized and applied in more places, so that we have more opportunities to enjoy the magical visual effects it brings.
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