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Classification and Application of Immersive Projection

Classification and Application of Immersive Projection

Principles and characteristics of immersive projection:

The principle of immersive projection is to firstly use a projector to project the content onto a large screen, and then use projection fusion technology to enrich the layering of the monotonous images originally projected to achieve a better display effect. The projection fusion system can be in a sealed six-sided wall space. And then through the action collection system and the sound system, interactive effects can be made to make the audience's immersive experience better. All audiences can feel surrounded by the surrounding space in all directions, feel immersive in the virtual environment, and can interact with the environment.

Mainstream immersive projection types:

1. "L-shaped" folding projection
The L-shaped folding projection, as the name implies, is to form an "L" shaped folding screen background through the ground and wall screens. Two projectors can be used and combined with fusion technology to create an immersive effect. The installation and disassembly of the L-shaped folding screen is quite convenient, with less equipment requirements and better installation flexibility. Moreover, compared with other immersive projections, its cost is lower, and it can bring good projection effects, so folding screen projection is more cost-effective. L-shaped folding screen has a wider application field.

2. Sky Screen Projection
Sky screen projection is also called large-screen fusion projection, which is an innovative projection method. The ceiling above the head is replaced with an LED screen or projection screen. The audience's seats are usually lying on their sides, which makes people's vision more open. The sky screen immersive projection will use multiple projectors, and use fusion projection technology to raise the level of the picture to a higher level. With the indoor surround sound to create an immersive atmosphere, the entire projection effect is more three-dimensional.

3. CAVE immersive projection
CAVE immersive projection system is a large-scale projection display system that realizes virtual reality. Through the use of computer graphics, it combines audio, sensor technology, high-pixel stereo projection, 3D graphics technology, and multi-channel video technology to create a high-resolution An immersive virtual scene surrounded by a high-speed stereoscopic view is highly interactive and makes people feel like they are in it.

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