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Compared with the Traditional Window Display, Interactive Window Display Is Simpler

Compared with the Traditional Window Display, Interactive Window Display Is Simpler

Due to the popularity and application of smart phones and the popularity of online shopping, many consumers often go shopping online and rarely go to physical stores. The economic benefits of many corporate stores and the passenger flow have dropped a lot. In fact, our complaints about social development trends are useless. We should find ways to attract more customers. For many stores, window display technology is the priority area of consumer display, so it is very important to let consumers know what the business is selling.

With the development of projection technology, interactive projection has been widely used in various industries and is well received by users. Window technology display is a derivative product of interactive projection in the application process. In fact, through a very novel interactive projection screen, somatosensory and interactive projection technology are added to the traditional window display. Compared with traditional window display, window display technology is more attractive and more popular.

The application features of window display technology include:

1. The picture is quite clear, while the resolution is very high. and it has unparalleled features such as high definition, strong light resistance, and ultra-thin.

2. The sense of science and technology is strong. When the image floats on the transparent glass wall, you can click through the glass to view and query product information according to your own preferences, and understand the corporate brand, corporate culture, etc. The sense of science and technology is extremely strong.

3. It is specially durable and has a long service life. All equipment and cables are installed behind the glass wall. There are no equipment or cables outside the glass wall so that it is quite safe to use and the product is durable.

4. Considering the shocking visual effects, interactive windows can be made into various large screen sizes, which is almost up to 100 inches. So it is suitable for various occasions and bringing strong visual impact.

5. It is not closing for 24 hours to enhance the brand image, which is a quite innovative advertising form.

In addition to window display technology, we also see the application of interactive projection in our daily lives, which not only brings us more fun, but also helps companies improve efficiency.

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