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DHN Laser Projector's Edge Blending Function and it's Application

DHN Laser Projector's Edge Blending Function and it's Application
With the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of science and technology, the impression of super-large screens and ultra-high-definition screens continues to impact everyone's eyes, which giving people a complete and real visual enjoyment. 

So, people gradually realized that a single display device can no longer meet people's needs for some large-scale outdoor displays and some large-scale image simulation displays. At the same time, it also requires the innovation of our technology in display size, display resolution and display brightness.

In this situation, the seamless edge blending skill came into being. It solves the problems of screen size, resolution, brightness limitation.

Large Screen Projection

The birth of the edge blending projector has made "seamless stitching" truly move to the "seamless" era. 

The edge blending technology uses pixel superimposition skills based on the principle of stitching to allow different display units to be truly integrated, and then according to the optical principle, the brightness of the superimposed area of the picture is adjusted to decrease the brightness, and the complete edge blending  between the superimposed display units is finally completed. 

Perfect edge blending is the most basic principle of edge fusion technology and the core technology of edge blending technology.

Edge Blending Technology

The function of the edge blending projector is gradually improved. The current edge blending projector can not only be used as a "seamless splicing" between multiple display units, but also can be used to adjust the surface of the picture display and adjust the color of the picture.

The problem of adding multiple signal sources and multi-channel signal source picture input and output has become an indispensable core display component in the field of large-screen display.

As a projector manufacturer, Shanghai DIDON focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of large-screen projection and splicing fusion projection.
Many DHN projectors are based on large-screen projection with built-in edge blending function and geometric correction function, and even devote to the development of fully automatic fusion projection in the future.
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