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DHN Laser Projector: An Innovative Product with Seamless Integration of Multi-channel Projection

DHN Laser Projector: An Innovative Product with Seamless Integration of Multi-channel Projection

1. What is the edge blending projection?

Edge blending technology is to overlap the edges of the pictures projected by a group of projectors and display a brighter, super-large, high-resolution whole picture without gaps through the edge blending technology. 

When two or more projectors project a two-sided image, part of the image lights will overlap. The main function of edge blending is to gradually reduce the brightness of the overlapping parts of the two projectors to make the brightness of the entire screen consistent.

2. What are the advantages of the edge blending projection?

Increase image size, picture integrity

The screen projected by multiple projectors must be larger than the screen projected by a single projector; the bright and beautiful pictures can bring people an extraordinary visual impact, and the pictures are stitched using seamless edge fusion technology To a large extent, the perfection of the picture and the consistency of the colors must be guaranteed (as shown in the figure below).

Increase the resolution

Each projector projects a part of the entire image, so that the resolution of the displayed image is improved.

Ultra-high resolution

The same image processor and computer with multi-channel high-resolution output can produce three or more channels of composite images with 1600x1200 pixels per channel. If you fuse 25% of the pixels, you can generate a 4000 x 1200 resolution image by subtracting the extra overlapping pixels. There is currently no stand-alone display on the market that can operate at such a high resolution. The solution is to use a projector matrix, each projector is running at its maximum resolution, and the combined resolution is the sum of the pixels in the overlapping area.

Shorten the projection distance

With the emergence of seamless splicing, the shortening of the projection distance becomes inevitable. For example, for the original 200-inch (4000x3000mm) screen, if no physical and optical joints are required, we will only use one projector, projection distance = lens focal length x screen width, using optical angle lens 1.2: 1, our projection The distance is also 4.8 meters. Now, we have adopted the edge-blending technology. The same picture does not have various seams, and our distance is only 2.4.

Projection imaging on special shaped screen

For example, when projecting a picture on a cylindrical or spherical screen, a single projector needs a longer projection distance to cover the entire screen, and the combination of multiple projectors can not only make the projected picture larger and the projection distance shorter, but also make the arc The chord pitch is shortened to as small as possible, which is a better choice for image resolution, brightness and gathering effect.

Increase the layering of the picture

Because of the edge fusion technology, the resolution and brightness of the picture are enhanced. At the same time, with the high-quality projection screen, the layering and expression of the entire display system can be significantly enhanced. 

3. DHN laser projectors edge blending function

DHN is a projectors brand which mainly produce laser projectors from 3700-8300 lumens at present.
The biggest feature of the DHN laser projector is the built-in edge blending function. And the 17*17 geometric correction. Which means people no need buy software edge blender or hardware edge blender, only the projectors can achieve the seamless edge blending projection.
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