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DHN Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors Promote the Transformation of Traditional Teaching Mode

DHN Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors Promote the Transformation of Traditional Teaching Mode

let's take a look at how the DHN ultra short throw laser projector DM907 is playing its functional role in the education field.

For some problems in the traditional classroom, many schools have begun to replace teaching equipment, and the application of interactive large-screen projection has brought new inspiration to the transformation of traditional classrooms.

Question 1: After writing on the whiteboard, it is easy to leave a mark, which is not clean and affects the next use effect.

Solution: DM907 uses touch as a human-computer interaction method. The hardware uses a high-precision recognition infrared camera. The infrared pen can smoothly and accurately perform writing, drawing and touch operations on the curtain wall.

It can replace the current interactive mode of electronic whiteboard + projection on the market, providing a more convenient solution for education .

Question 2: In order to ensure the clarity of the projected picture, the traditional classroom needs to close the doors and windows, pull the curtains, and turn off the front lights, but the darkness in the room is not conducive to writing or reading.

Solution: DM907 adopts the latest laser light source, in addition to color, it can synthesize the color gamut coverage of more than 90% of the natural color seen by the human eye, achieving perfect color reproduction.

At the same time, brightness up to 4500 lumens, higher brightness and  long service life greatly reduces the maintenance cost in the later period.

The color gamut is wide, the brightness is high, and the service life is long. The short throw projector 4500 lumens can be seen clearly without pulling the curtains off the lights, and does not affect the students' copying notes.

Question 3: The traditional projector is easy to be blocked by the human body, and the light is easy to glare on the face and the LCD screen is easy to use.

Solution: DM907 is an ultra short throw laser projector, which is installed on the wall. It can project a 100-inch large screen at a distance of 0.5 meters from the blackboard. People are usually in the area outside the projector and the screen. The area will not have projected light to the eyes, and the DM907 will be designed with more care and health. Teachers and students can use it with peace of mind.

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