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Digital Processing Technology

Digital Processing Technology
The image quality of rear-projection TVs is not only affected by the precision display format, optical system and display screen, but also related to the adoption of various image digital processing technologies.

There are many image digital processing technologies used in color TV and rear projection, so some brands are called 8D, some are called 10D, some are called 12D, and even more are called 20D. 

In fact, in these digital processing circuits, some effects are obvious, while others are not so obvious. Therefore, when purchasing a rear projection, it is not necessary to choose as many digital processing circuits as possible, but should pay attention to which digital image processing functions the selected model has, and the important functions that are particularly important cannot be missed.

Among them, the most important is the digital comb filter, followed by powerful VM speed modulation, super sharp control and digital image noise reduction.

1. Digital comb filter.

The digital comb filter can accurately separate the luminance and chrominance signals of the input image signal, thereby improving the clarity of the image and improving the color purity of the image. It is the most important digital processing circuit on the TV. When purchasing, the type of digital comb filter should be distinguished, and the dual system (PAL system / NTSC system), multi-line or 3D should be selected.

2. Powerful VM speed modulation.

The powerful VM speed modulation circuit is also very important. It can make the image bright and dark at the junction, improve the sharpness of the image, and improve the contrast of the image to a certain extent. It has a greater role in improving the image quality.

3. Digital noise reduction function.

In particular, it should be noted that whether the selected rear projection has a digital noise reduction function is particularly important when watching TV programs. Because some channels in TV programs inevitably bring interference noise from external lines, reducing the cleanliness of the picture. Using the digital noise reduction function, part of the noise can be eliminated. The noise reduction effect is different depending on the noise reduction circuit used. Some use ordinary digital noise reduction, some use more advanced noise reduction, such as 3D dynamic digital noise reduction used by Sony, Panasonic, etc., the effect is better.

4. Sharpness adjustment function.

It is better to have sharpness adjustment function, or sharpness control in rear projection. Using this function, the sharpness of the edge of the image can be more obviously improved than the powerful VM speed modulation, and the block image part with different light and dark degrees can have a three-dimensional sense. The objective effect is to improve the visual clarity of the image, and The increased amplitude is more obvious than that of the digital comb filter. In the past, most TV sets and rear projection TVs did not have the sharpness adjustment function, but currently the rear projection TVs with this function on the market are gradually increasing, so you should pay attention to looking for those with this function when purchasing a rear projection TV.
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