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Immersive Entertainment Rises During COVID-19

Immersive Entertainment Rises During COVID-19

Why Immersive Projection is Gaining Around Now?

The lack of a physical activity because of COVID-19 has meant that much of the commercial business and trends are only being revealed piecemeal. That said, immersive entertainment platforms using the latest immersive projection and LED displays have been gaining ground, and the promotion of new developments towards deployment in a wider selection of locations has proven a fascinating trend.

The use of interactive, full immersion projection technology as the future impetus has recently taken shape from a number of quarters.
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Immersive Play as Physical Fitness

Immersive play environments are also being used to address the weight put on in overindulging in the F&B emporiums. The platform was revealed at the same time as the announcement of a new organization to bring developers and operators of these kinds of immersive projection manufacturers together.

This new technology brings a sports focus to these developments and will be rolled into much of the eSports investment in this genre. With the popularity of eSports has continued to grow, spurred on partly by its replacement during the lockdown of live sports fixtures, but also the growth of investment from the entertainment sector.

VEX Solutions launched a brand new eSports platform for its VR system, called "VEX eSports League." The company will be running an international contest with prizes up for grabs. The competition will be operational on both of the company's platforms, "VEX Arena" and "VEX Adventure."

The Deployment of New Immersive Projection

The deployment of new immersive projection-based venues has gained momentum, with London already seeing the development of the "MSG Sphere London" venue with plans for "the largest and highest resolution LED screen on Earth." It is scheduled for an opening of the 17,500-seat venue in Stratford, London. This is part of plans by the Madison Square Garden Co. to open several sites for immersive projection.
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