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New Application of Laser Projectors

New Application of Laser Projectors
The technical innovation of laser projectors has led to the development of multimedia in many new fields. At the same time, laser projectors have also broken many traditional fields and injected different ways of presentation into more traditional fields.

In the emerging and increasingly popular new application scenarios in recent years, DHN provides a variety of projectors to choose from to meet the needs of different customers. DHN considers the specific application environment, customer budget and implementation effect of the new application machine in detail. DHN gives customers the appropriate range of projector parameters from the ambient brightness considerations. In such an environment, most of them need more than one set of edge blending processor and chromatic aberration is also within the scope of our consideration. The DHN projector is convenient for customers to adjust the chromatic aberration to be consistent with one click.

DHN provides a lineup laeser projectors for large venues. One of which is Laser Projector DU710ST, a large venue short throw projector perfect for the large exhibition hall, immersive restaurant, multimedia classroom, conference room, church, large media conference rooms and others. To meet the needs of these scenarios, DHN projector has been working on the development of the projector. 

New Application

For an immersive or the holographic restaurant, it adds more enjoyment and entertainment than the traditional restaurant. Meanwhile, the owner of the restaurant need not to cost a lot to change the item of the restaurant, they just need change the film source in different holidays. The immersive design can give customers a strong visual effect or romantic experience, which can greatly improve the customer experience.

New Application

DHN Projector adds the geometric correction function to the projectors. When projection onto the irregular objects, technician just need to adjust the 17*17 grindings. This is a function that are other projectors don't have. DHN projector is constantly adapting to the needs of the market to develop their products.

DHN is a professionallaser projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology.
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