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The Difference Between Edge Blending Projection and Traditional Splicing Display

The Difference Between Edge Blending Projection and Traditional Splicing Display

What is Edge Blending Technology?

Edge Blending technology is to overlap the images projected by a group of projectors, and use the fusion technology to make the brightness of the overlapping part consistent with the entire large screen, thereby displaying a brighter, super-large, high-resolution whole picture without gaps. The effect of the picture is like the picture quality projected by one projector.

Large Screen Projection

What is splicing display?

Projection splicing: also called projection hard spelling, which means that two or more projectors project and splice a large picture at the same time, without using projection edge fusion, and let the pictures projected by each projector directly lean together.

Projection Splicing Display

The main differences between edge blending projection and traditional splicing display:

1. In the traditional splicing system, the entire large screen is a screen display body composed of multiple separate screens.
Although the same material is used between the screens, due to the difference in production time and production environment, the thermal expansion and cooling of different screens.
There are objective differences in shrinkage, which leads to some small physical changes in the entire system after a period of use, which in turn affects the stability and effect of the entire system.

2. The edge blending technology is to overlap the edges of the pictures projected by a group of projectors on a whole screen, and display a brighter, super-large, high-resolution whole picture without gaps through the fusion technology. It looks like the quality of a projector.

Therefore, due to the use of a whole screen for edge fusion splicing, the production time, materials, and process levels are completely consistent, thereby eliminating the hidden dangers of traditional wall joining.

In the edge blending projection system, since the entire screen is used, the physical 3.gap between the screens existing in the traditional splicing is eliminated, so that the entire image displayed on the screen remains intact and unattended.

After using the fusion processing technology, the optical gap is eliminated, so that compared with the ordinary hard stitching system, there are qualitative differences and improvements in the technical level and display effect, so that the displayed image is completely consistent without any physical or optical segmentation to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of the displayed image.

This is more important when displaying information such as maps, drawings, and text, because there are a large number of lines or routes on the drawings and maps, and screen gaps and optical gaps will cause image display pollution, which is easy for observers to the lines of the image and the stitching system itself are mistaken into one, which leads to mistakes in decision-making and research. Through fusion processing, this situation can be avoided.

4. In the edge blending projection system, all images are corrected and unified by the fusion processor, so that when the image is displayed and switched on the large screen, no matter what format of image is switched, the brightness, color, vividness and uniformity of the entire screen.

They are all consistent, and there will be no change in the display quality of the system due to signal replacement that often occurs in traditional splicing systems.

5. In the edge blending projection system, since the projection display image is processed in the processor, the color difference, brightness difference, and uniformity between different projection signals can be adjusted.

6. In addition to the function of displaying the picture, the edge fusion projector also has the function of edge fusion and image multi-picture processing, as well as the function of image storage and recall, which can display the high-resolution images stored by itself directly as the background of the large screen system.
It greatly reduces the complexity of installation and commissioning, and is more convenient for installation and commissioning and maintenance of facilities.
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