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To Understand What Stage the Holographic Projection Technology Has Reached

To Understand What Stage the Holographic Projection Technology Has Reached

Currently, the biggest problem facing holographic projection technology is the medium. Because without a medium, light will not be refracted, which means that effects similar to those in science fiction films cannot be achieved.

Air projection and interactive technology: Dyne, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, invented an air projection and interactive technology. This is a milestone in display technology. It can project images with interactive functions on the wall formed by airflow. This technology is derived from the principle of the mirage. The image is projected on the water vapor. Due to the uneven molecular vibration, it can form an image with strong layers and three-dimensionality.

The laser beam projects the 3D image of the entity: This technology was invented by a Japanese company. It mainly uses nitrogen and oxygen to disperse in the air, and the mixed gas becomes a hot slurry-like substance and forms a short 3D image in the air. This method is mainly realized by continuous small blasting in the air.

360-degree holographic display: The Institute of Innovation and Technology of the University of Southern California has successfully developed a 360-degree holographic display. This technology is to project the image on a high-speed rotating mirror to achieve a three-dimensional image. Technology still does not get rid of its dependence on media.

Holographic projection: The kind of holographic projection technology in movies is still far away from us. No matter which kind of holographic projection technology, it is still in the research stage. It is still far away from mass production, and their costs are also very expensive. Holographic projection technology will completely change our daily work and life.

We can imagine that once the real holographic projection technology can be fully commercialized, it will break through the traditional limitations of sound, light, and electricity. And present more realistic 3D images in front of the audience, thus breaking the barrier between the virtual world and the real world.

In this way, people can experience the real impact of the picture anytime and anywhere. In other words, the realization of holographic projection technology will break out a new generation revolution in the display field, and we will enter the 3D display era from the 2D era. By then the cinema will be the same as the football stadium. Audiences can watch Hollywood superstars move around like they watch a football game.

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