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Various Interfaces of the Projector: Take DHN Laser Projector as Example

Various Interfaces of the Projector: Take DHN Laser Projector as Example
Since the projector can be connected to audio and video equipment, or connected to a PC, both types of data interfaces will be provided in the interface provided by the projector.

This article will come to popularize for everyone. Those common and not behind the projector Common interface function common sense.

DHN projectors generally have three high-definition input interfaces, two HDMI and one DVI interface. DVI (Digital Visual Interface) digital display interface, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) refers to high-definition multimedia interface.

The projector is a video output device and naturally has a video interface. At present, the most widely used and most popular video interface on the projector is the VGA interface.

The full name of VGA is Video Graphics Array, which is a computer display standard using analog signals proposed by IBM in 1987. VGA is also known as D-Sub 15-pin connector.

It is named because its appearance is similar to the letter "D". The D-shaped design is used to prevent users from inserting reversely in the connection. This design is also called foolproof design.

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Color difference is also one of the more common interfaces in projectors at present, especially in cinema-level home projection. The color difference interface is also called component output, usually using YPbPr and YCbCr.

Color difference is based on S-Video, which separates the blue difference (b) and red difference (r) in the chroma (C) signal, from the most basic 480i to 720p, 1080i, etc. Although the transmission effect of color difference is better, it still transmits an analog signal.

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RCA is one of the most common video interfaces. It is also commonly called AV interface or standard video interface. It consists of a pair of white, red audio (Audio) interface and yellow video (Video) interface, which is also called the reason for the AV interface.

RCA separates video and audio transmission, avoiding image quality degradation caused by mixed audio and video interference.

However, since the RCA interface still transmits a mixed luminance / chrominance (Y / C) video signal, it still needs the display device to perform luminance / color separation and chromaticity decoding to form an image.

This process of mixing and then separating It will inevitably cause the loss of the color signal, and the chrominance signal and the luminance signal will also have a great chance of interfering with each other, thereby affecting the final output image quality.

RS-232 is also an interface that often appears on the projector. It is widely used in the connection of computer serial interface peripherals to perform signal functions and transmission processes. Through this interface, with the RS232 central control code, users can control the projector through central control devices such as computers and tablets.

AUDIO IN / OUT is to connect speakers, media playback function.

LAN interface is also called RJ45 interface, LAN interface can realize wired network connection, manage, control and monitor the projector through control software.

The above is the introduction of the knowledge about the various interfaces of the projector.
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