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What Are the Advantages of Projectors Replacing Televisions?

What Are the Advantages of Projectors Replacing Televisions?

With the development of technology, projectors are becoming more and more intelligent. Now more consumers are concerned about health, such as damage to the eyes. In fact, the radiation here is also the damage to the eyes. 

So what are the advantages of projectors compared to TV?

The first advantages of projectors: Compared with the TV, they are less harmful to the eyes
Nowadays, TV uses LED backlight technology. The light source is directly imaged on the screen, that is, the light source directly hits the eyes, so it is relatively harmful. The projector is refracted by a light machine to forms such as walls and curtains and then imaged in the eyes. This is the difference between the sun and the sunlight. If you want to find out that which one is more dazzling, it must be that the sun is more dazzling. And the TV machine is equivalent to the sun, and the projector is equivalent to the sun. This leads to the conclusion that TV sets hurt the eyes more.

The second advantages of projectors: they can reduce the probability of eye fatigue

When watching TV at home, I often feel the picture flicker. In fact, this is not an illusion but because the TV's image refresh rate is low. The latest LCD TV basically does not see flicker. What should be noted here is "basically not see". There are also some uncertain situations. When the TV is flickering, the eyes automatically adjust according to the flicker, which causes visual fatigue. The projector is the opposite, because the internal image of the projector is refracted in the eyes after processing. From this point of view, TV sets hurt the eyes more.

Three advantages of the projector:
1. In terms of software, the projector is an interface set up for multiple functions (for example, music, desktop shortcuts, etc.) are more like a computer.
2. The initial installation is simpler. Compared with the computer, it needs to be wired. The current miniature smart projector only needs a power cord.
3. Compared with TV sets, projectors consume less power, power consumption and heat.
4. Today's smart projectors have begun to be equipped with audio.

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