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Why is Laser Display so Popular?

Why is Laser Display so Popular?
Laser display is a display technology using red, green and blue (RGB) laser as the light source. It fully embodies the three characteristics of high fidelity image: ultra-high definition, panchromatic and true three-dimensional.

Laser can realize large screen display of human eye's geometric resolution limit. It is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish the different skin tones with slight differences on the ordinary display screen, but it can be clearly distinguished on the laser display. Laser display technology has the advantages of high quality and large field of view, that is, the brightest color, the richest color, the clearest image, and the adjustable color temperature, seamless splicing of super large screen. In addition, laser can achieve true three-dimensional through holographic technology, and it is also the best way to achieve full-color display in many display technologies, which is what we call laser RGB three-dimensional holographic projector. In the future, the geometric resolution of laser display will be increased to 12-21 times of the current HDTV, the number of colors will be increased to 500 times of the current HDTV, the gamut coverage will be increased three times, and the three-dimensional display will be able to achieve true three-dimensional display.

In fact, laser display is not a new technology, it has a history of 50 years. Laser display technology is the core technology of the new generation of television industry, which can truly achieve ultra-high definition, panchromatic and true three-dimensional. At present, our country is at the same level as developed countries in laser display technology. Individual indicators such as color gamut are even better than developed countries. Core technologies such as supporting key components of laser display projector have been conquered.

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